I do not know if anyone has already posted this but this is outright scary. Here is a summary article with links to the full petition and where consumers can submit their comments to the FDA.

A few days ago, we sent out a Milk Alert to let you know that the milk industry has asked the government to allow artificial sweeteners to be added to flavored milks without any notice on the front of the carton. Specifically, they claim that schools trying to limit sugar intake have been dropping the flavored milks, and this would be a way to let them continue to serve the strawberry and chocolate milks but without the sugar - and without telling the children. They would be allowed to add aspartame, neotame, sucralose, or any other sweetener they want, and still say only "chocolate milk" or "strawberry milk" on the label. Once they have that permission, of course, milk products in supermarkets - including 17 other dairy products included in their petition - will all come under the same rule.