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    Does anyone know if using Next Choice can cause your period to be late or skip a month? My LMP was 2/8 and I took the Next Choice pill on 2/19, a day after being intimate and now AF is over a week late. It usually comes ever 28-32 days. I've had ALL my typical PMS symptoms but NO period! Plus I've encountered some other factors that can affect your cycle - being sick, antibiotics, yeast infection, some stress (mainly all throughout the late week). So I've been a nervous wreck and will probably take a test this week.

    Has anyone experienced Next Choice affecting your cycles?

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    I got a link from a website that lists the side effects of next choice here. It does say that it can cause changes in periods, plus it listed a bunch of pms symptoms too. So definitely could have thrown your cycle off. I would suggest taking a pregnancy test though since you are a week late just to make sure...

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    Oops forgot the link! Here it is!

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    Thanks, and I did find out the same from an online search and read the leaflet that came with the box. Read so many stories about other women who experienced late cycles so just wondering if anyone else has had this happen. This didn't happen however when I took Plan B last year. So wondering if the other factors which all happened within the same time (sick, medication, yeast,) could attribute to it for a triple wammie.

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    Well took the test and it was positive.

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    Oh wow! I hope everything turns out ok.

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    yes, imagine my surprise.

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    Wow... good luck with everything.
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