Okay so I did something I hadn't thought of doing before, but heard from other people it was a good way to look people up...soooo...I looked up the petitioner that we may have to worry about on FB. Maybe I shouldn't have done it but it shed some light on things for me. In some ways it makes me feel better and in some ways it makes me feel worse. I still think the lady is super nice and knows what she's doing when it comes to babies and raising children. However, it appears she's like a career parent sort of person meaning that she raised her kids, then they had kids, so she raised her grandkids, then they had kids, and now she's raising great grand kids. So she's raised 3 generations of children. In my opinion, that sounds like mistakes are being made somewhere where kids are being produced over and over and over again who have kids and can't take care of them. I mean some of this is in all families. My grandma had some issues with my uncle for a while and took care of his 4 kids on again and off again but he got straightened out and they went back home. They all have kids now except for one and no one is taking care of theirs so it worked out. On DH's side we have a situation like that too where his grandmother adopted her grand daughter and she got pregnant really young and doesn't take care of her son and so now they're taking care of him too. They're in their 70s and 80s and they hate it and wish that his mom would step up and do her job. So...I don't know.

The petition lady is retired, and has written on her FB that she's raised around 20 kids including grandchildren and great grandchildren. Right now she's got a 17 year old and a 12 year old as the youngest. I can't imagine taking on a baby with all of that going on, but it just seems like such a chaotic mess to me. Being in a family that had some of this, it was always chaotic so I worry about it. On the plus side, she's clearly a kind woman and loves these kids (like my Grandma and DH's Grandma) but on the other hand, isn't it time to break this cycle and just let this poor child be cut off from all of this? Seems that way to me, but I'm scared that because of her experience with kids they'll see her as a great candidate.

Oh and there's pics of the girl that lives with her flicking off the camera and and wearing shorts so short they almost show her butt cheeks...I mean she's a teen so I get it I guess, but I'd hate for this precious, innocent baby to be thrown into all of that. Ugh! Okay sorry just had to get it out. I just want some ANSWERS but everyone's pretty much out of commission right now.