I had my mirena removed surgically in november last year. I had no concerns on getting pregnant but had concerns on getting pregnant. My period was irregular but it wasn't I was use to having it every 28 days before the mirena. After getting it removed it was like ever 21 days. I had been having unprotected sex, I know I shouldn't have but it happens. I realized my period didn't come like normally the every 3 weeks. That worried me for a while then it came 3 days after I noticed this. Which was 5 weeks since my last period. This one was lighter and only lasted 3 day to my normal 5. Red Flag. But didn't think much over. Me and BF had gotten into a fight so we were not talking at this time. When I saw him recently I noticed we had 3 pimples in the same exact spots on our face (creepy now that I think about it). My breast are sensitive and sore as ever. I have been having headaches, feeling light headed, nauseated and increase in appetite. My sense of smell is crazy I'm smelling other stuff other people around me is not smelling. I took at test came out negative. I don't think i took it right as far as following the directions. and when i took it I really didn't have to pee so it was not alot, if it matters. I really don't want to know but I want to know.