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Thread: Worried for no reason? Pregnant from pre-ejacculation or intercourse?

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    Exclamation Worried for no reason? Pregnant from pre-ejacculation or intercourse?

    I am 5 months pregnant. I had sexual encounters with two men at seperate times. The first time was basically faux sex through clothes and the male never ejaculated (possibly had a little pre ejaculation) and the second time was full on intercourse with ejaculation. During this time, I was ovulating and am worried that the person whom I had faux sex with could be the father of this baby. Am I worried for no reason? Please help.

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    If you were both wearing clothes I don't think you can get pregnant, I would have thought it impossible. It's probably the second man you slept with. If you're worried could you ask either man for a DNA test once baby arrives? Whatever the answer you'll know who the father is.

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    Thank you for responding. The second man is my husband and I sure hope it doesn't lead to that. I made a huge mistake and am having the hardest time feeling at ease with this worry. It sounds silly to be worried about something such as this but I know the risks and am beating myself up tremendously with guilt.

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    No need. I doubt very much that the first man is baby's father
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    Even if the first man ejaculated in his pants, you both had barriers on. Those little suckers aren't that strong of swimmers. I'm sure you are fine and the baby is your husbands.

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