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    I need all the advice I can get. I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant but not 100%. My period is a week late and isn't showing any signs of coming and I have a regular 28 day cycle. I'm tired almost all the time. I get random cravings (lemon lime Popsicles, root beer, chocolate). There have been a couple night where I haven't been able to sleep at all instead I just start crying for no reason. I've been noticing a white discharge in my underwear. Some days I have what feel like really bad period cramps and then they ease up. My stomach feels weird all the time. My breasts hurt (especially my nipples). I have a constant head ache. There are some days when I eat all the time but can never seem to get full and then other days where I feel like I can go all day without eating. I get gasy at night. And I'm starting to gain a little weight but nothing more than a pound or two. My friend who has two kids says it sounds like I'm pregnant and I've taken 3 tests but they all came out negative. I've read where sometimes women can be up to 4 months along before their body produces enough hormones to be picked up on an HPT. My friend was 9 weeks along with her first before she got a positive test. If I am pregnant I would only be around 3 or 4 weeks. What do you think?

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    It is actually fairly rare for a home pregnancy test to give you a negative when in fact you are pregnant and over a week late. See if your doctor will do a blood test as that will definitively let you know if you are pregnant.
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    Agree with JJorn but it happens. Go into the doc to get a blood test because it sure sounds like you're pregnant!

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    I agree, it's rare for that to happen. Good luck!
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    Got my period yesterday. Kinda upset because we were so hoping to be pregnant. But we are going to try again. For some reason my cycle was just really off this month. Almost 38 days.

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