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Thread: Symptoms after BFP?

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    Default Symptoms after BFP?

    So yes I have my BFP but I noticed that there isn't a thread of symptoms from others whom got their BFP that those in the 2 week can just quick look at with researching the entire Internet. Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different , some have symptoms others don't. So if you got your BFP or remember symptoms you may have had post it here and others can take a look.

    Ill go first and maybe someone else will post theirs,

    1. My symptom was cramping at 5 dpo and wave of severe nausea that quickly went away, then severe cramping 6 dpo, into 7 dpo, so I tested. Now at 9 dpo I am just tired and peeing aloooot. Oh and Headache bad ones and lower back ache probably from the cramping I had.
    So anyon else want to add to help these wonderful ladies along , what to look for. ???

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    I don't have much going on right now except for some random cramping and pulling around my uterus. Oh, and I'm hungry more frequently than normal. But it's still early for me yet. DS didn't implant until late, and I had zero symptoms with him. My August BFP gave me more symptoms like nause and fatigue, but even that was mild. I'm pretty sure based on my chart that that baby implanted a couple of days before DS did.

    I'm not helpful because I usually don't get strong symptoms.
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    I'm 12 DPO right now, got my BFP 2 days ago, and I have been soooooo thirsty!!!!! I've never been so thirsty before its really weird! I haven't had any cramping, yay! And I've been super hungry first thing in the morning, which is not normal for me at all.

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    I think it's great to hear that ladies can have no symptoms with the inception of their pregnancies. I've been wracking my brain to think back to my first two (12 and 6 years ago) and although I was young and not paying a bit of attention, I didn't notice things being different until most people do at like 6-8 weeks. Now that I'm hyper aware of everything related to TTC and early pg's so hard to sort out what's a symptom, what's normal and what's just plain invented in my head.

    If others would share their experiences here that would be great too.
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    Before I got my bfp (ended in m/c) I noticed that my breasts and especially nipples were very sore. I also jotived that my temp was still elevated at 13-14dpo when it normally starts to drop. After I got the positive test I also had a pulling kind of feeling in my uterus that was different than menstrual cramps.

    GL!!!!! I am sending you lots of

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    Since the OP of this thread has already gotten her BFP I am moving this thread to Expecting in General so that other pregnant ladies can help answer questions about symptoms after getting a BFP. This sub-forum is for people TTC who haven't gotten their BFPs yet

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    The top sticky in Expecting in General is "Early signs/symptoms" it has about 5 or 6 pages of symptoms.

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    I Ovulated late so wasn't sure if I was pregnant or not. I just remember that I had horrible menstrual like cramps first thing in the morning after going to the restroom, my breasts were tender and I was tired. I really thought my period was coming but I wasn't sure when it would since my cycle was out of wack. Took a test because I wanted some wine because of the cramping and well there was a BFP and a big surprise. Other than that no other symptoms.

    Good luck Ladies!

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    I see that now but a MOD reposted this here lol

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