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Thread: Video: Infant Swimming Resource

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    Default Video: Infant Swimming Resource

    I apologize if this was discussed on here already, but when I first started watching it I started crying and then was amazed!
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    I can't watch those videos. I understand the intent of the training, but I'm not a fan.

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    I almost panicked when I saw this video however, I am glad it was shared on FB otherwise in all honesty I would not have know about the training. I have contacted an instructor and am awaiting a response.

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    pretty neat.
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    My kids went though class last year (so not as babies, dd was 1 y 9 m and DS was 3 y 9 m). It was one of the best things we have ever done for them. DS loved it and by the end of it was swimming. Within 3-4 months of finishing the class, he was proficient swimmer, jumping into deep water, etc. DD cried at the beginning but by about week 4 she started enjoying it. She can swim relatively well now. She can jump in the pool or let off the side and swim to us if we are within 10-12 feet. Both kids are very comfortable in the water and getting their head under. Actually, more comfortable than me, I hold my nose to get under, they do not. I wish we had done it earlier but it was cost prohibitive. I think the lessons are awesome.

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    I'm not a fan at all.

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    We went to our first class today and my guys both loved it, tried to talk the instructors into having a 2nd turn. They love everything involving water so i expected it to go well. You go very week day for 6 weeks so ISR is not a small commitment.
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