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    My oldest DS doesn't understand that we can't pick the gender of the new baby and that we don't know what the gender is yet. He insists up and down that we are having a girl and refuses to listen to anything else, to the point of becoming upset if I try to explain it to him. Today we had a little talk about it that resulted in him having a pout on the couch with his arms crossed over the idea that he might be getting another little brother. This is going to be our last child regardless of the gender, I'm mulling over how to help him with his disappointment if he finds out he'll never have a little sister. He's quite an emotional kid, I know he will get over it eventually (he'll have to) but I could use some tips about how to help him. Heh can 4 year olds even GET gender disappointment
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    My 3.5 year old is insistent that the baby is a girl even though we now know it is a boy. I just don't argue with her and she was very excited when I said that she would have two baby brothers this summer. So, she clearly doesn't understand at this point. I do think that she will be very happy to have a baby added to the family.
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    I found it to be entirely easier to just tell them we don't know and that it's a surprise and when it comes out is when we find out. I knew the last time...but it was just far easier to explain we didn't know and then we all found out together.

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