Let me start by saying that both my dad and my (late) mom have always been pretty supportive of our family choices. I know there are certain things dad just doesn't "get" (like he really, really wanted me to give my 2 year (only 20 lbs) otc cough medicine last weekend and I wouldn't). But he is doesn't push and just offers his opinon once. My thoughts lately are of his health. I've been urging him to eat less white bread and watch for hfcs. I've tried to share with him different supplements he can take for muscle pain and such. I keep telling him the 70spf sunscreen he uses ON his skin cancer removal scars actually CAUSES cancer and I've bought and given to him other kinds but I swear he thinks I'm crazy sometimes. Now I have been hearing a lot about the danger of taking long term statins and I know for a fact that my dad has been on choleterol lowering drugs since I was in highschool! I am scared for his health and wish so much that he would get another opinion and try lifestyle changes instead. But he is one to take what his dr says withouth question.

How much do you involve yourself in your parent's health? I usually stay out of things unless someone asks me but he's my DAD and I want him around for as long as possible. I don't want to be nag.