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    I had DS 10 days ago and I have still been feeling a little weak when walking. I feel short of breath easy and it's like it's a strain to get a good breath. My muscles still feel pretty sore too. I'm wondering if anyone else
    remembers feeling "off" for a while? I was worried and went to the Dr 3 days after he was born from this feeling- she did an EKG and it was normal- no signs of blood clot either. I have been having a ton of anxiety lately which my Dr thinks could be some of the problem too. I didn't have an epidural either so no pain from that. I don't want to be the paranoid person and keep going back to the Dr but I'm worried that I shouldn't still feel weak like I do..

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    If you feel like something isn't right, it's fine to call the doctor again, or a different doctor if you don't feel like you were thoroughly examined. If you have a ton of anxiety, that should be addressed also because now is the time that emotions can become overwhelming and post-partum anxiety can be a significant cause of distress. However, if you are still feeling symptoms and still short of breath and weak, I would consider pursuing it some more. Did you go to your OB or your primary MD?

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    I would call the doctor. Have blood work done and blood pressure checked. If all that comes out fine, you may want to talk about a chest xray. If you feel like you can't get a good breath, then that sounds concerning. Have you noticed any swelling at all? If your doctor isn't taking you seriously, get a second opinion.
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    Have them check your thyroid too... (((hugs)))!

    Praying you get some energy back soon and are able to get your anxiety under control ...thinking of you! Kup!!
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    Seek out your doctor and ask them to do a postpartum questionnaire. PP Anxiety can be a concern. I've had multiple anxiety attacks in my life I thought I was having a heart attack once and the hospital told me it was very bad anxiety. It may not be anxiety. If you are breast feeding it could be you aren't eating and drinking enough. I was lacking fluids without even realizing it. I was so busy with Cody and Sophia when she was newborn I just didn't think about my needs to help along breast feeding. I felt weak after Cody because my legs were super swollen it hurt to walk or do anything but, I did walk but, I was in slow motion for almost two weeks.

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