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Thread: Quick question re: rear facing toddler

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    Default Quick question re: rear facing toddler

    I had a grandmother of a friend's child who was, for one, SHOCKED that Sawyer is still rear facing. I don't get into conversations like that so I just smiled. But then she said I had the straps "too tight" because his shoulder straps come out of the slot just below his shoulders. That is right for rear facing, right?

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    Yes, at or just below for rear facing and at or above for forward facing. She obviously doesn't know what she is talking about
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    I didn't think she did. She is one that always has something to say and I feel like she is always looking at me with this frozen smile on her face because she thinks I'm weird. lol. But I wanted to be sure. Thank you!

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    If anyone would give you an negative hassle about it I would let them know its much safer for child to be rear facing as long as possible.

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    Yep that's right. My DH always says that the straps are too tight...then I check and usually end up making them tighter haha!

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    at her!

    Straps are from just below shoulders for rearfacing and above shoulders for forward facing.

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    Bridge.. she's a tool and you're cool. Never doubt yourself! You're one of the most in-tune mamas I know.

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