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Thread: Guess who has wifi in Barbados!?!

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    Smile Guess who has wifi in Barbados!?!

    Hi guys!
    Looks like i should be able to post updates pretty easily. I had my first appt at the clinic this morning, love the staff and the clinic-and it's a 10 minute walk up the beach!

    I did not love my u/s results though. With an AFC of 23 I was hoping for more follies, but with DOR I should have been better prepared for today's u/s. We have 8 follies at 10mm, so all maturing equally and well, and are expecting that for ER on Wednesday. They bumped up my stim doses a little, and we have another u/s on Monday-maybe some more will catch up? With they way these things seem to go at each step, I will be very thankful to get 1-2 healthy embies out of this. I keep telling myself that all we need is 1.

    I was looking forward to the weekend on the beach to myself, but it would be really nice to have DH here. At least I've got you lovely ladies!

    Erica 33, DH 34, STC for 4+ years, Diagnosed DOR 4/2011, mom to 4 , Barbados IVF March 2013!!!

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    A 10 minute walk up the beach-how awesome is that? Hope you have a nice relaxing time and your follies get nice and big for you!
    Candice, 28, STC 7+ years

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    I am glad to see an update. I hope you enjoy yourself and relax and grow those follies. I hope to see a BFP in a couple weeks! Thinking of you constantly hun.

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    That sounds like a wonderful walk to the clinic! I hope those 10 follies keep on growing! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Also, what is the name of the clinic and how did you find them? It sounds like a great way to do IVF!

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    Thanks everyone! It's called Barbados Fertility Centre, DH actually found them. With my AMH being 0.55, we have a very low chance of success, so we wanted the most bang for our buck.

    Erica 33, DH 34, STC for 4+ years, Diagnosed DOR 4/2011, mom to 4 , Barbados IVF March 2013!!!

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    Come on, little follies!
    Me (40) DH (47) & furbabies * m/c 7/08 4/12 11/12

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    Grow follies, grow! Enjoy yourself in that beautiful location!
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