Hi guys!
Looks like i should be able to post updates pretty easily. I had my first appt at the clinic this morning, love the staff and the clinic-and it's a 10 minute walk up the beach!

I did not love my u/s results though. With an AFC of 23 I was hoping for more follies, but with DOR I should have been better prepared for today's u/s. We have 8 follies at 10mm, so all maturing equally and well, and are expecting that for ER on Wednesday. They bumped up my stim doses a little, and we have another u/s on Monday-maybe some more will catch up? With they way these things seem to go at each step, I will be very thankful to get 1-2 healthy embies out of this. I keep telling myself that all we need is 1.

I was looking forward to the weekend on the beach to myself, but it would be really nice to have DH here. At least I've got you lovely ladies!