Hi! I am finally making the move over here from the TTC board. I was thinking about it for the past 4 months, but never quite got up the courage.

Me (32) and DH (33) have been actively TTC since May 2012. I have very, very irregular cycles, and they suspect I have mild PCOS, but no official Dx yet. It seems like the Dr's aren't really pursuing it as I am normal weight so they say the treatment is the same whether I have it or not. I have been charting since July and doing acupuncture since December. I tried vitex, fertilitea, red rasberry leaf, OPKs, etc unsuccessfully. DH had a normal SA.

I had an early m/c at 5 wks almost 2 months ago, tight before I was supposed to get my hysteroscopy, u/s, and SIS and start medicated cycles, but they pushed that all back by 2 months bc of the m/c. I am on day 4/10 of provera, so hopefully AF comes soon once I finish it and we can get this show on the road!

I will be getting a new job in a few months so it will be so much easier if I can get pg before then, bc I am not sure when I will be able to go through treatments again after that. Plus, the m/c was really hard on me and DH, we got so excited, now really, really want to get back to that place again soon.

I am thinking about asking my RE if we can skip the medicated cycles and go straight to IUI (if the hysteroscopy is normal), but I am not sure if they will let me do this, they seem kind of conservative. How have your experiences been with requesting infertility treatment? Also, can you do IUI cycles back to back? Heck, I would go straight to IVF if they would let me