I hope I can explain this without getting everything all confused. The past 4-5 months, my dr has me go in on CD 21 to get a blood draw and see where my progesterone is and if I've ovulated. It's always negative, progesterone super low. This is of course assuming that I ovulate on CD 14. Last time I went and had one done it was even lower than the one before so she said maybe we are missing your O, you could be oing later. But then she didn't change the date of my blood draw, still said go in on CD 21. Well this month I started using OPK's and got what I think was a positive on CD 17. This is obviously after CD 14, so my question is should I go in on CD 24 or 25 to get the blood work done? I called yesterday and spoke to a nurse and she said if the OPK was positive then there's no need for a blood draw. I'm not totally convinced I ovulated just 'cause I never have before so I'm still wanting the blood draw. I called today to speak directly to my dr and she's out sick and tomorrow is her day off. So should I just go in and have the draw done on CD 24-25? The lab won't know it's not CD 21 so they'll do what they always do and check my progesterone levels. I'm just obsessing over it a little bit because I googled (worst thing ever to do I know) and Clomid, which I took CD 5-9 and PCOS, which I have can make for a false positive. I just hate to waste another month of doing nothing when I should be either bumping up the Clomid another 50 mg or getting in to see an RE which was my next step. Props if you made it through this whole post.