I can't tell if my pump is giving out, if my supply is tanking or if DD is just eating so efficiently that she leaves nothing to pump. Here is my story:

I have had an over-supply since the beginning. Never had much trouble pumping but I didn't do it often because she didn't like frozen milk or take a bottle so I only really pumped if I got a clogged duct or felt to full...or on the rare occasion that she would skip a feeding or I would be out.

Recently she started taking the bottle and even drinking the frozen stuff! DH and I take turns overnight - he does one night, I do the next night. In the past few months when it's his night I wake up in agony, so full and engorged that I can't wait to pump or feed. I would feed her on 1 side and pump from the other and get about 4oz! Recently I was sick, then got AF (my second PP AF which took a while to get here (46 days) and was really heavy). Since then I can hardly get ANYTHING when I pump and I am fearing DD isn't satisfied either. I am trying to build my stash back up but don't want to take from her. I try to pump in the morning after she goes down for her nap. I wait about an hour after I nurse her down. This morning I barely got an ounce. Yesterday morning I was better - about 3oz but that was because DH was on that night so I missed 1 feeding. I am just struggling here! I don't even feel like my pump is strong enough but it hasn't changed since I have been using it. It's on full power and I get a good milk stream for the first 30 seconds and then nothing. When I am nursing I feel the same way - DD pops on and off until letdown and then sucks hard for 30 secs to 1 min and is popping on and off again. It's frustrating and painful!

She is growing beautifully though so I can't imagine it's that bad. She had ALWAYS nursed that way - since birth. I think she is just very efficient/no nonsense.

I just can't tell what is going on! I am trying to increase supply but I don't see it working. I increased water and increased nursing sessions which of course leaves me no time to pump but I am just trying to get going. AF left a few days ago. I even had 2 beers on Sunday night (not to increase my supply but it should have helped anyway lol)!

Any tips/advice? When should I be pumping to build a stash and my supply without taking away from her?