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    I took Cooper (2 weeks old) to the Ent since he is tongue tied. No issues nursing though. The physician assistant asked me how I did nursing my daughter and I said we nursed until she was 2. He gave me a surprised look and said, "Well let's hope you don't hang on that long with this one. But different strokes for different folks I guess".. I was so tempted to flip out but held my tongue. I made an appt for a second opinion with another Dr since I doubted his advice. and refused to see them again. I couldn't believe the ignorance.

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    OMG Linds! I would call the office and make a complaint That's uncalled for, on so many levels.

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    Rude beyond belief. I would complain!! to the doctor.

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    And we wonder why women don't get support from medical professionals. That is really inappropriate. You did a great thing nursing for 2 years.

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    Wow! to him. ITA with above. Even my pedi was surprised when I told her Ry was still nursing at 2. There's not many pedi's to choose from here, or else I would be seeing someone different but they were willing to work with my vax schedule. Can't wait to tell them at her 3 year checkup that she's still nursing

    There just isn't the support here for b'fing. Even our hospital is getting rid of one of the two LC's because they say its a 'perk' and not a necessity. And they wonder why the number of bf'ing moms is on the decline here.
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    UGH! I went to my doctor back in Dec. and told him I was BF and needed antibiotics that would be safe for that. He asked me how old my baby was (he was assuming NB). When I told him she was almost 1 he was like, "oooooh so how's that going with the teeth?" The attitude that came with that statement and his demeanor were SO rude and snide!

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    eff that.....I would raise hell

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    Grrrrr. /

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