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    I'm tired all the time. Mood swings. Slight to sever cramping now and then. Clear/white discharge. Tender breasts (only for about a day). Head aches. Sensitive to smells. Foods I normally love make me sick. Bloating. Constantly having to pee. Does it sound like I might be pregnant? I still have about a week maybe a little more before a missed period (I think, I don't have a normal cycle since I stopped taking birth control a few months ago).

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    maybe... if you still have a week till your period that would make you about 3 weeks now.... only 1 week since implantation, sometimes when were stressing about it we "create" symptoms... not that their not there but we are making our body do things and paying extremely close attn. to it.... take a test in a few days

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    That's what I'm worried about. I'm trying to get pregnant but I'm worried that my body is just creating te symptoms because I want it so bad. I've had it happen before. I took a couple tests earlier and they came out negative but probably because it was too early.

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    You could also be having these symptoms because you recently stopped your birth control pills. It cane sometimes take several months for things to get back to normal.
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    I stopped my birth control about 3 or 4 months ago. I've never had these symptoms before.

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