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    Has anyone experienced weight loss (not dieting to lose weight) while pregnant?

    My last appointment was 2 weeks ago and when I was weighed I had lost 4lbs… My DR said not to worry because the weight loss could be due to the changes I had made in my diet (no sodas, sugar and eating more healthy) and the morning sickness (which have been a bit strong). I’m not even getting a lot of cravings because smells and textures have been a bit of a deal breaker, and my upset stomach doesn’t help much. But I am eating even tough in some occasions as soon as I finish eating I am in the toilet. I am eating approximately every 2 to 3 hours (3 meals and 3 to 4 snacks daily). I’m having trouble drinking water and brushing my teeth, because as soon as I have water in my mouth I throw up.

    I just weighed myself and lost 2 more lbs a total of 6lbs and that worries me... In my previous pregnancies I NEVER lost weight and for DS I gained about 5lbs in my 1st trimester. Tomorrow I have another appointment and I am going to ask if there is anything I can take for the morning sickness, I was trying to avoid medication but I really am having trouble with keeping food in and my upset stomach... Any recommendations??

    Apart from all that I know baby is doing well (no bleeding or pain), but it terrifies me that my weight loss could impact baby’s growth... Any opinions, am I over reacting?
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    I lost 17 lbs with my first because of horrendous morning sickness and over 20lbs with my second. I gained it all back and then some and both were full term and healthy.

    Ask about B6 for your morning sickness. I get it terribly and that is all I've ever used. I don't like meds either.

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    I've lost up to 6lbs in my first trimester with each of my pregnancies, and never had morning sickness where I was losing my food. I have never had that affect the baby. I'm sure it is perfectly fine, and if your dr isn't worried then I don't think you should be either. Every pregnancy is different, you never know what you're gonna get!
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    With all of my pregnancies one of my first "symptoms" was weight loss. I would notice I had lost a couple pounds before ever testing or really noticing nausea. Then looking back and taking stock on the couple weeks beforehand I would realize either I had a diminished appetite or recognize food aversions...and eventually the nausea would kick in. Losing weight in the first trimester is super normal. You shouldn't need to worry about impacting baby's growth and development as long as you're taking in some nourishment-baby takes from your food and your fat stores first.

    I second asking about B6. That and unisom together can be a good OTC help for pregnancy nausea. I only had to move from that to prescription meds (Zofran) during one pregnancy and it was because the vomiting was interfering with me being able to make it through work or take care of my kids, not because I had lost an unhealthy amount of weight at that point.

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    i was 198 at my first appt. and lost a total of 12 pounds those first few months and no morning sickness either. i was worried like you, but now im 6 months and 200 lbs. even and baby is growing bigger everyday so dont worry. our bodies do what they need to do to nourish our babies. your doctor will keep an eye on it and say if anything alarms him/her.

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    Thank you ladies for all your feedback… I had my appointment today and again my DR reassured me that losing weight is not dangerous as long as baby is growing. She also mentioned the B6 and that in my next appointment (in 3 weeks) I should be getting over or should be over with the morning sickness. So, just a bit more… She also gave me hints on how to manage my water intake, which I did though out the afternoon today and was able to drink 2 bottles of water without feeling sick… So with all that I am calmer. I know each pregnancy is different, but I have always thought weight loss during pregnancy was not good. But that is not the case. She also said baby will get what nourishment it needs from me either way.

    In another note: I had another sonogram today and when the technician started DH burst out saying “that kid has its own party in there, its dancing”. He/she moved so much that a nice and clear pic was hard to get. Heartbeat is strong and baby is growing… So that confirms its getting nourished.

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    Congratulations MaeveBell. I know you were so worried in the begining but it looks like you have a very strong child! Enjoy every minute of your little miracle!

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    I lost weighted at the end due to the GD diet I had to cut down a lot on carbs to keep my blood sugar normal and lost 3 lbs. It became an issues at the end because Sophia was growth restricted. I was really upset because I did my best to eat as much as I could without having high blood sugars and it still did not work. Now that she is almost 16 months she has been tiny this whole time so far I wonder if they were wrong about the growth restriction. I was overweight to start. Anyways the no soda thing and less sugars will cause weight loss if you were a soda drinker before but, you'll probably start to pick up some weight as the pregnancy goes on. Only it only takes 100-300 calories extra for the baby to go. That's like 3 apples.

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    Thanks rnale and hotpinkmomma0811…

    I still haven’t gained but no worries there; I know that in my 2nd and 3rd trimester I’ll gain it back and then some. Just didn’t expect to lose the weight. But true, just cutting back on my sugar and soft drinks does have an effect and eating healthier.

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