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    Has anyone experienced weight loss (not dieting to lose weight) while pregnant?

    My last appointment was 2 weeks ago and when I was weighed I had lost 4lbs… My DR said not to worry because the weight loss could be due to the changes I had made in my diet (no sodas, sugar and eating more healthy) and the morning sickness (which have been a bit strong). I’m not even getting a lot of cravings because smells and textures have been a bit of a deal breaker, and my upset stomach doesn’t help much. But I am eating even tough in some occasions as soon as I finish eating I am in the toilet. I am eating approximately every 2 to 3 hours (3 meals and 3 to 4 snacks daily). I’m having trouble drinking water and brushing my teeth, because as soon as I have water in my mouth I throw up.

    I just weighed myself and lost 2 more lbs a total of 6lbs and that worries me... In my previous pregnancies I NEVER lost weight and for DS I gained about 5lbs in my 1st trimester. Tomorrow I have another appointment and I am going to ask if there is anything I can take for the morning sickness, I was trying to avoid medication but I really am having trouble with keeping food in and my upset stomach... Any recommendations??

    Apart from all that I know baby is doing well (no bleeding or pain), but it terrifies me that my weight loss could impact baby’s growth... Any opinions, am I over reacting?
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