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Thread: bleeding at 11 weeks? x-posted

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    Default bleeding at 11 weeks? x-posted

    I am 11 weeks pregnant, and yesterday while shopping I felt a big gush like I had either started my period or peed. I went to the restroom and there was a big spot of dark red blood in my underwear and when I looked in the toilet it looked like I had started my period. I freaked.

    My doctor got me in yesterday afternoon and she did an ultrasound where we saw a super active little sprout just waving to us and moving around. Strong heartbeat and no apparent issues - doctor said she saw nothing that would explain the bleeding. I was so relieved, especially since it seemed that the blood was tapering off to a more brownish color.

    But then I got home and went to the bathroom and had another gush of red. This then quickly turned to brown and I have been having mainly brown spotting when I wipe ever since.

    No cramping or any other pain besides a headache (probably due to stress and crying) that went away with Tylenol. I laid around all night after putting my daughter to bed last, and have been trying to relax as much as possible today (with a 2.5 year old that is). Anyone ever have anything similar? I am so scared the bleeding is going to come back and I will lose the baby

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    they say bleeding in early pregnancy is common.... since little bean was active i wouldnt be worried for now. If you keep bleeding red though i would have my doctor be doing routine U/S every week just to be sure. Sorry i havent had any experience with that but i know it must be stressful! Take it easy if you can and get some rest

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    I passed a HUGE gush of bright red blood at 6 weeks. . .i'm currently 11 weeks, it was really scarey but there wasn't an explanation. Then I had some light brown spotting about a week later. . both times I had an achey feeling like I was about to get my period.
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    Thanks ladies. Luckily no bright red since, just some brown each day which the doctor said not to worry about. Still no actual cause for it, which is hard to understand. I am just so glad it stopped for now. Thanks again!

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