I had my second IUI today, and they said this month looks MUCH better than the last. The nurse told me things look "very good" and when the doctor came in the room, he said "I've heard great things about you." So...here's the deal. Last month my lining was 8.1 and my follies were 13 and 19, with no "triple layer" on my uterus. DH's washed count was 8.7 million. Well...this month I had two follies, one at 22 and one at 23, my lining was 9.1, and I had a "triple layer" pattern. Then, to add the cherry to the sundae, DH's sperm count post-wash was 27 million!!! All of his motility, viability, etc. were also up! They had to give me the "you may have twins warning," but my thought was "shoot, I'll be happy with anything healthy!" We're ssssooooo hoping this is the month!