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Thread: First IUI any suggestions on how to prepare myself?

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    Default First IUI any suggestions on how to prepare myself?

    A little background. I currently have four children all conceived naturally. my youngest is 4 and oldest is 18. The love of my life and I got married last year. he has no children and iam dying to have a baby with him. We have been TTC for over a year now only using Clomid. We have now moved on to enlisting the help of an RE. Went to my RE today for u/s. He stated I was full of eggs 12 on rt 10 on lt. He started me on Clomid 100mg today, cycle day 3-7. I am supposed to start injections of Bravelle 75 IU on Saturday, and my trigger shot is on the way in the mail. I have an appt for another u/s next Tuesday. Has anyone else followed this regime? Any suggestions on what I may be able to do to make my chances better? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    My IUI cycles are completely monitored, so I have never given myself a trigger shot. The nurse always does it at the RE's office. I try to take the day off work when I have an IUI so I can come home and relax. I'm also a believer in pineapple core after O. I've done it twice and I've gotten a BFP each time (this is my third cycle doing the pineapple trick and hopefully it will end up with a BFP as well). Cut the core of the pineapple into 5 pieces and take one piece each day at the same time beginning the day of the IUI for five days. It is supposed to help with implantation. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for responding! I will definitely try the pineapple. I am really hoping the IUI works for me. I'm so excited and nervous!

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    GL! I hope to be starting IUI if AF ever comes, so hopefully you will have some advice for me soon! ;)
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    My personal IUI superstitions that I did for both successful IUI's:

    No caffeine
    1 baby aspirin every day
    Lots of warm cooked foods especially day of IUI and throughout the 2ww
    Pineapple core (like GatorGrits said)
    Minimize dairy
    Do yoga, keep busy to take your mind off fertility stuff
    This last cycle I also did treatments that stimulated acupuncture points (not true acupuncture but a direct current electrical stimulation) before and day of IUI

    Good luck and babydust!!!

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