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    Question First Time Stripper

    I think we have ammonia, or build-up... DD has what I suspect is an ammonia burn, but not for sure since it looks exactly like what she gets when she eats citrus... That being said, I have determined I will strip the diapers. Do I strip the pockets in addition to the liners/soakers? Also, we just started doing CD in January full time and went strait to FT CD, and not all diapers are even a month old. Do I strip what I think I shoud strip and leave the new ones out? Does stripping do anything to the outer PUL/fabrics?

    The diapers we use all the time are Thirsties, BumGenius (FT and 4.0), RaR and Kawaii GNHW for nights. We have a few others we tried but are not in my regular rotation.

    Thanks in advance!
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