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    We're MATCHED!!!!! We got a call last week and were told that we had been chosen by a young birthmother that's due April 3rd! For those of you who know our story this is the exact timeline we had last year when our adoption failed. (We were called end of Feb/beginning of March and the baby was due April 5th.) We were just starting to prepare ourselves for feeling sad for our loss since he's going to be a year old soon and now we're feeling both sad for the baby we lost and thrilled for the little bundle we'll be brining home! I let our SW know my fears and she said things sound really good (although there's always some risk) and that they won't let her go past 39 weeks so that puts us at March 27th or sooner!!! We're beyond excited! Josy's been asking for the past month when her baby sister is going to get here and now I'll actually be able to tell her that she'll have a baby sister pretty soon! It's funny how life works...we had just gotten done with our PRIDE training and were starting to think that maybe we were meant to go the foster/adopt route and BAM phone rings. (we may still go that direction after a while) We're heading out on a family vacation on the 5th with Dh's family, get back on the 12th, meet our BM on the 15th then keep counting down!!! Please pray for a good outcome after last year i'm nervous.

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