Based on my LMP (1-15-13) I'm 6w5d
I went to do an u/s two dad ago and all we saw was a sac, no baby. The doc said maybe its too early or the baby did attach. She didnt say "miscarriage" I don't think she wanted me to stress, but after doing research of my own, I kinda figure it 50/50. Basically a waiting game. I try not to think of it because my husband wants a baby so bad. I have two from my previous relationship. One boy 4yrs and one girl 6yrs, no complications during pregnancy.

The thought of going to the bathroom checking my self to see if I'm bleeding it the worse thing on my mind. How can I ease myself? I have seen many stories of a baby popping up a week or two later. I'm so nervous, anxious. Help!