Hi everyone - I'm new here. I have never been pregnant and wasn't trying/have a bad memory, so i don't have a lot of details about my cycle. I do know that length varies by a day or 2; based on previous cycles, I start AF between the 20th and 25th of each month. I have been researching TTC to learn more as we are talking about trying (next year or so), and found a lot of things that alarmed me about my current situation. Here's what's been happening:

-My last period was on approx 1/21. Fiance and I had relations last on 2/10
- On 2/15 I saw a bit of blood, so thought maybe flo was just gonna be 5 days early. I was surprised later when I had barely bled over the course of 6 hours. This is strange because when flo comes, she is angry right off the bat and doesn't hold back on bleeding or pain and rages for 5 days.
-Day 2 & 3 I spotted like this for 3 days. Stomach felt like i had been doing sit ups, but I had not done anything physical for the last 24 hours. Thought, maybe preggers? Nah...
-Day 4& 5 Heart palpitations increasing (I have an irregular HB anyway) Sore stomach gone, but I was cramping bad and it was heavier bleeding, but not as heavy as it should have been (1 pad a day), with dark brown and bright red with some clots. I knew for sure at that point I wasn't preggo (this is what spurred our "let's TTC" convo, finding myself surprised that I was disappointed). Noticed I have been feeling short of breath lately.
-Day 6 light brown spotting with slimy discharge. Strange sensation I've never felt in the pelvic area feeling like a fullness or stretching, or could even be described as light cramping, sometimes even tingling... however it doesn't hurt, just a little uncomfortable. Woke up in the middle of the night sweating twice in the last 2 days. I am peeing a lot and super thirsty (probably a correlation there lol). Having a hard time sticking to my diet - so hungry.
-Day 7, 8 & 9 -Still pelvic discomfort, and lighter spotting, but the spotting tapered off toward the end as a jelly-like discharge with some brown mixed in. Super super tired after working out, not normal. I'm a cranky pants. PS - at this point I did a HPT & got BFN.
-Day 10: STILL pelvic discomfort. Hot flashes. Lightheaded. Had ringing in the ears off and on... huh?
-Day 11, more of the same. I getting worried now. Saw my Dr, who ordered hormone testing thinking I might have PCOS or thyroid issues. I have had steady normal periods until now. Plus, I have had my thyroid checked before and I was fine. Have been getting some slimy clear discharge every now and then. Feel like I never stopped PMS-ing. I'm super annoyed by everyone at times, then I'm on top of the world the next.
-Day 12, 13. Suddenly constipated (odd - I eat very well, plenty of fiber). Noticed when I rested my arms on my breasts in bed that it was really uncomfortable, and hurt a little. Very mild tenderness which I do not even get during PMS/AF.
-Day 14 THIS ONE FREAKED ME OUT!!! I was suddenly jolted awake at 5:30 am by three VERY strong stabbing/jabbing pains - one in my left ovary, one in the right, then one right under my belly button. I felt each distinctly from the others and in an instant they were gone. Immediately after felt a strange hollow, achy, almost hungry feeling in my stomach, which eating didn't help. Other things....... More pelvic discomfort. Again with the sore stomach like I did sit-ups again which went away by evening. Mild cramping and was super gassy/bloated. Suspicious, I tested again with an EPT but BFN.
-Day 15 (today) sore tummy again, and pelvic discomfort only so far.

Haven't gotten the results from the labs yet but I know they won't tell me anything about pregnancy. I am a rational, intelligent person and I am not imagining things. I know it is possible to bleed and be pregnant, to have low HCG levels, and to boot I trust my body. By my (rough) calculations, if I did conceive the last time we had sex which would make me right about 6 weeks pregnant.

I am aware there could be other things going on too, but this is sooo sudden that my intuition tells me otherwise. I do not want to ask my Dr. for a blood test unless I get a BFP, so I don't look like a moron......

But... at the same time, I don't know.... you think I should insist on a blood test with my doctor?