My name is Emma.

I am 32 years old. I am coming from France, but living in Chicago. I am single and pregnant for 5 months now. And today I am upset. I had lotís of contractions last week.

Everybody, my friends, my parents, and also doctors told me that I need to a rest. On the one hand I know there are maybe alright and I donít want to risk my babyís life. But on the other hand I am feeling well. I really like my job, meeting differents people everyday, travelling a lot. I am not sick. And I canít feel pregnancy as a hurddle to my carreer ! To be honnest, I spent most of my life trying to maintain, my independance, and I canít change now. So itís the reason why I am twitting now. I need your advice. Do you know a medical way to be pregnant, to give birth without sacrifice my professionnal life ???? Is it really possible to be a fullfilled women when you are mother ?
Thank you for your answer