Ok so I do like to cook and have been trying to get away from HFCS and MSG....both that has been pretty successful. Not 100% but close.
So now I am tackling canned foods. BPA scares me. I grew up eating a number of canned foods and drinking from bottles which in 1979 I'm sure that BPA. And now I have infertility that is unexplained, a screwy metabolism (I had a gastric bypass and at my lowest was still 200 lbs....and there is NO WAY at that point I was eating enough calories to support that), and I have thyroid disease.
I don't use canned stock anymore, no canned fruits, no canned veggies. I am going to try making homemade cream of chicken instead of canned and I think that should work ok. But how the heck do I get away from canned tomatoes? I would like to make my own spagetti sauce but don't...at least that is glass jars. But I still use tomato sauce and diced tomatoes....and they are always canned. I don't have access to a trader joes or whole foods. And we LOVE tomatoes. Chili, spaghetti, tomato soups....and in Wisconsin I'm getting great access to fresh ones for a big chunk of the year.
What do you all do about canned tomatoes?