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    Maybe a TTC question, but I want more opinions.

    For the past few months, I have been chickening out of DTD when fertile for the most part - though we have DTD enough to warrant me questioning each month if I'm pregnant. But then when AF shows, I'm kind of disappointed. My logical brain just doesn't think this makes sense.

    Anyone else with 2+ kiddos have fear about having their second? (Or third or so on).

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    I went through this this time. We weren't TTC but we were npp. After each of the other kids I only had 1 af before getting a bfp. This time I kept saying we needed to spread them out more and was hesitant to dtd (weren't charting or anything so I didn't know when to be especially worried). When my 2nd af came I was surprised to feel really sad and disappointed. My logical brain said it was a good thing but I was still down. The next month was worse but we still decided not to "try." The next month I was panicked by my bfp although I'm certain I would have been sad without it. I don't understand, but think it's pretty normal.

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    I too think it is normal. Like the previous poster we never tried nor prevented pregnancy, and every month I had a period I was disappointed, and every time I had a bfp I was panic stricken

    I had a similar experience, though completely unrelated earlier today. We have been looking at houses, and one we loved and were going to make an offer on was taken off the market, the owners decided not to sell. We haven't found anything else like it in the past 6m. I told dh Saturday that I was holding out for these guys to change their minds again. Then this morning the realtor called and told me they were relisting next week and now I'm all nervous and panicking that we shouldn't make an offer human nature :roll:

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    I think when you know you want another one your period will almost always hold a bit of disappointment, even if you know you didn't do anything to warrant a baby being made. My tubes are tied...and I STILL get let down each and every month when AF shows!

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    Totally normal. There's been a few times we weren't careful after the birth of our youngest, and I'm currently not on anything. We both say we are done, but are fully aware of what happens when you DTD without protection. I have my moods-I think how perfect 3 is for us. Then when I think I might be pg, my mind starts to justify having one more. I havent gotten AF back yet, but have bought over 6 HPTs just to be sure. When its negative, sometimes I'm disappointed, other times relieved.
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    I love you ladies! It's completely illogical, but at least it's not out of the norm.

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    Yeah, except it was DH that was chickening out around my fertile time. I went back and forth, back and forth on it. I sat him down and told him all the reasons why we shouldn't right now but my heart just kept telling me I wanted another little person around here. Well the guesswork ended in Feb, we're pregnant now. I am totally happy about it
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