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Thread: Brushing teeth of 2 year old

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    Any suggestions to help me ACTUALLY brush his teeth? DS is generally interested in joining in with us when we brush, likes the taste of the toothpaste, and enjoys fiddling around with his tooth brush, but when I try to brush his teeth, he fights me (laughing, not crying), keeping his mouth closed, and squirming around.

    With DD it was a pretty easy process. I don't want to pin him down and force a tooth brush in his mouth, but I really want to take good care of those teeth!

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    I struggle with Sawyer too. What has been working lately is that I turn the toothbruth into a puppet and "knock" on him mouth saying, "Anybody home?? Open up!" So he opens (most of the time) and then I marvel about all the beautiful teeth and wonder how many there are. He will usually close up on me and I have to start over several times. The other thing that works is for me to brush my teeth in a really exaggerated way while he is holding his toothbrush too and then he will mimic what I am doing. It's a production every night!

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    I agree with Bridget. We did a very similar theatrical brushing performance for a long time. Also, if I couldn't get her to open her mouth, I would say "Oh! Does that mean I have to brush your nose? Ok, here we go, lets brush that nose sparkly clean!" (I would alternate with nose/ears/chin) Usually that would make her laugh and get her to open her mouth.
    Right now we have the blinking brushes that blink for 60 seconds, so DD knows how long she needs to be brushing. She likes it a lot.

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    We have a blinking tooth brush too, that we used to get her started on brushing. Here, we do trains going into tunnels. Then, they could be choo-choo train (brush slooooowly), metro train (normal speed) and bullet train (super fast). Find something yoru child is super interested in, and see how you can incorporated it into the brushing routine.

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    ds likes to do it himself, so i tell him that i will get the 'tough' spots and he can finish by himself. he usually lets me brush all his teeth, and i let him do it when i am done

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    spin brush. He does it and then we help him. I count to ten (and he helps) and I do each side/upper/lower/top/bottom etc. one time.

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    We sing a song. I ask her what song she wants me to sing tonight, and she knows when the song is over we're done. I usually pick something with lots of verses so it can go on as long as necessary. It helps if it's a silly song, with funny noises or facial expressions to keep her occupied watching and listening while I brush. We did go through a time when she was between 1 and 2 when she really fought brushing, and at that time we had to use both of us and one of us hold her and the other brush, and she cried every night for a while. It was hard, but brushing well is non-negotiable at our house and eventually she got that and realized it was more fun and a lot quicker when we sang our way through it. Persistence was the key for her... if she ever caught the idea that just maybe she could avoid it by crying or being silly, she'd run with that. So no matter what, we brushed.

    We also have a book about teeth and going to the dentist that helped her learn to open wide, to be okay with flossing, etc. The one we have is Dora Goes to the Dentist -- wasn't my first choice, but her dentist recommended it and she really does like it, and it worked.
    -- mom to DD1 1/98 and DD2 10/09

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