Hello everyone. I'm new here. I just turned 31 and I'm already mom to 3. I've been married to my husband for just over a year and we are actively ttc his first child. (My other kids are from a previous relationship.) Anyhow, I know I can GET pregnant, but we've been unsuccessful until maybe now? AF was due 2/22. She usually shows up like clockwork and there are times where my cycle fluctuates from 26-28 days, but either way..I'm late. The only times in my life I was ever more than a couple days late, I was pregnant. So maybe baby? I was cycling 26 days and very accurate, so I'm 5 days late today. I'm trying to wait til Friday to go buy a test, and I can't think of any other reasons I'd be this late? I haven't been stressed out and not taking meds or anything, just normal life. I haven't really had any 'symptoms'..and no signs AF is coming. So I'm in the "Waiting Game" now, and gosh does it sure make a girl craazy.