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Thread: Okay. Seriously confused. Nothing makes sense.

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    Default Okay. Seriously confused. Nothing makes sense.

    Been having contractions since Monday morning. Regular, painful, and been getting stronger and closer together since then. Went to L&D yesterday and the nurse said it's all because of a UTI. I have had no symptoms of a UTI, and I would definitely know if I had one. No burning or pain while urinating, no flank pain, no nausea or vomiting (other than the recurring morning sickness), no color change in the urine, etc. And I drink plenty of water. But the nurse swears up and down that it is a UTI. I told her about the contractions, how much they hurt, where I feel them (which starts at the lower part of my back and moves to the lower part/middle part of my abdomen, in my thighs), they don't go away with rest, water, walking, position change, etc..., and I also have been losing my mucus plug. On Monday, I noticed a pink tinge and how thick the plug was. The nurse checked my cervix and said it is not completely closed, but not totally open; just open enough for the plug to pass. I wasn't given anything to stop or slow down the contractions. It has gotten to the point where I am in tears because they are so painful. This morning, I noticed that the baby is a lot lower than normal - I felt her near my pubic bone. I have an appointment with my doctor this afternoon, and I definitely want to ask him all of this.

    What are your thoughts?
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    I don't know!! This is my first pregnancy. But if your ticker is correct and you're only 34 weeks I think the nurse should have been more concerned! Glad you have a DR appt today. Good luck!

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    Yep. Ticker is definitely correct. I'm glad I have an appointment too. It just really makes my head swim. Nothing makes sense.
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    Did they test for a uti? You can have one symptomless. However, being preterm and what you described is a concern...sounds like labor. Im not sure Id wait to doctor appt (though hopefully you've seen doc by now) and would get checked immediately...and see if they can be stopped for a few more weeks.

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    Yea, already saw the doctor. The nurse at L&D checked my urine yesterday and said there were some leukocytes, which indicated a UTI. So I'm now on antibiotics for that. My doctor wasn't in today, so I saw another physician that is in his office. He did a thorough exam and found another infection! Bacterial vaginosis. Go figure..... Ugh. I can't catch a break. He said to rest, take tylenol, and keep up my water intake. This sucks. But as far as stopping them, there's nothing that can be done until my doctor is back in office, which will be next week....
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    After all of the infections are cleared I would think that things will settle down. I really hope that baby stays put for a few more weeks! I'm not sure why you would have to wait for your doctor, though, before preterm labor can be ruled out.
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    last i heard babies dont wait on doctors to get back from vacation. Is there no back up person? I would be freakin out too if the pain keeps going maybe go to a different hospital? That way you dont get the same nurse.

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    I am shocked that they wont do anything for your preterm labor until doc gets back? That is absurd and putting your baby at risk... hopefully clearing up the infections will help but as a preemie mom I find not stopping your contrax "until doc gets back"infuriating.

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