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Thread: Am I pregnant and when should I test

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    My fiancÚ and I are trying to get pregnant. I am have never gone through this before so I am kind of lost. I was on birth control for more than a few years but stopped taking it a few months ago so my periods are kind of weird right now. If I remember correctly my last one ended on feb 13th. We have been having unprotected sex almost every night since. I don't know for sure when my next period will be so I am not sure when I should test. I hate waiting. I'm tired most of the time and hardly ever hungry anymore. Now and then I get weird cramps and bubbly feelings in my lower abdomen and ovary area. I'm really sensitive to some smells too. I'm not sure if those are symptoms or not. Should I test or wait? Does it sound like I might be pregnant?

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    I've also had to pee a lot and have been bloated. Not sure if my mind is just playing tricks on me.

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    Anytime you have unprotected sex, there is a change you could get pregnant. There is no way to know for sure, unless you test. That said, if your last period ended on Feb 13, you have most likely just ovulated within the last few days (that's going by a 28 day cycle with day 1 being the first day of your period; most women ovulate around day 14.) which means that implantation wouldn't have happened yet, so its still to early to test or have any symptoms from a possible pregnancy. So, I'd wait at least til the end of next week maybe, to test. Best of luck!

    Check out "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. It's a great book, to learn all about your cycles, fertility and trying to concieve.

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    Agree... probably still too early! Best of luck...

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    I started to notice a white/clear discharge a few days ago. Could that be from implantation?

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    White, clear discharge is usually a sign of ovulation, especially if it is really stretchy (it would then be Egg White Cervical Mucus - EWCM). Since your cycles are still pretty crazy from being on birth control pills for so long you might find it useful to chart your basal body temperature and keep track of your other fertility signs. The site is very useful for that and they also have a free charting course that tells you how to do it.
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