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    I was a part of TTC group since September 2012. I had some thyroid issues diagnosed last year and I was worried a lot about concieving and carrying the baby. I was put on meds and we conceived after 2 months TTCing. I was so happy to find out right before Christmas. I couldn't wish for a better gift ! However I worried about m/c in the first trimester and I wasn't feeling like posting about my BFP in December. A girl in my office concieved the same month. Finally when I got my first u/s on February 12th, I got to see my baby and the doctor said I am passed the risky stage of m/c and I can announce my pregnancy. I am very happy and feel so blessed. My co-worker and I are about one week apart and we share the same symptoms. It's kinda fun to have a pregnancy buddy. I wish to all TTC ladies not to lose hope, have faith in your bodies and get your happy news very soon and move on to Due dates rooms on APA. To all the pregnant ladies I wish happy, healthy, joyful and easy pregnancies. We agreed with my DH this is our last child (4th for him and 2nd for me), so I want to enjoy every bit of this pregnancy and have the most precious and happy memories.
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