My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex using the pull out method and I've never had any pregnancy symptoms until recently. I have been off birth control for over a year and although it took some time for my periods to become regular again they were until my last one. It was a bit earlier than normal and MUCH lighter than its ever been. I started on the 15th of February and a couple days later I was spotting. Usually i go through several tampons or pads in a day but this time it was hardly anything. I've been feeling ovary spasms, nausea, cramping in my ovaries and abdomen, extreme fatigue, sleepless nights, gassy, bloating, low back aches, starving but the minute I smell food I want to vomit, basically all the symptoms of pregnancy since my period started/ended. Oh and today my breasts started feeling sore, but maybe I am just imagining it. I took an at home pregnancy test on Sunday the 24th of February and it came back negative.

I am not sure if what I am feeling could be pregnancy, which we would be SO happy about, or just hormones related to ovulation which I start today. I am concerned that I may be testing too early and that's why I am getting a negative? Not sure what to do, any advice is greatly appreciated!