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    Question Could I be pregnant? Help...

    I have never been on birth control before but in January I got some and 4 days before Feb 1st I started to take them but from Feb 1st to the 20th I was having sex and taking the pill but I did miss a few days in between. Since I started to take the pills I got my period late and while on the pills my period kept coming and going. Sometimes it was light sometimes it was just brown some days it was like a regular period some days it went away completely. None of the time did we use anything other then me taking the pill around the 17th or 18th I stopped taking the pill because I got tired of my period coming and going.

    Is there a chance I could be pregnant? Is it to early to take a home pregnancy test? I have never tried to get pregnant so I don't know anything about how long to wait or when to test. Before the 1st I was dieting and using Raspberry Ketones and it clearly says on the package not to use if you could be pregnant or pregnant, so I'm nervous about starting them up again incase I am pregnant.

    Any advice? I don't know if it's to early for a positive on a home pregnancy test I know you can get a blood test done but is it to early for that as well?
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