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    When did your LO stop napping? Sadie stopped napping every day around 3, but she still napped a few times a week until 3.5. But now Sonny is 2 yrs 3 months, and it seems like he may be ready to drop his soon. And the longer he naps, the longer it takes him to fall asleep. Is that really young?

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    I think it's kid specific. My oldest napped until she was 6. My youngest dropped hers at 2. I think some kids just need more sleep than others.

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    Both of mine still nap. My 4 year old doesn't always fall asleep during naptime, but he is still in his bed quietly looking at books. He really needs the downtime to rest, and so do I! My younger son turned 2 last month, and I can't imagine him giving up his nap yet. He really needs it to get through the day, and he is exhausted and fussy without it.

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    Mine's 3.5 and he still naps every day.

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    My 3 yr old ds definitely needs naps. On the days he skips naps at daycare/preschool he is exhausted/cranky at night. On the days he stays home and weekends he falls asleep easily. I am thinking he is nowhere near ready to drop them!!

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    Mine went through a period where she stopped napping, but re-started again, around 2 1/2 years old. Now, at 3, she won't nap on weekends, but generally does at school.

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    I think it's different with every kid and also with their environment - ie daycare, home, and if there are siblings in the house. I can't imagine a child under 3 not needing a nap anymore but everyone is different. Both my older girls were over 3. I don't think DD2 was ready to drop hers at 3.5 but I had DD3 and we got really out of sorts. I think she may still be napping now at age 4 if our schedules didn't get so screwy when DD3 was born.

    Both mine acted like they were dropping it around 2.5 but went back. Stick it out! I bet he will go back!
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    Lately, my 3.5 year old doesn't nap daily. When she doesn't fall asleep as quickly as usual, she will just rest a bit. When she does nap, she is up until 10:00/10:30 so I haven't been pressing it. I am having a hard time adjusting to the not napping everyday so I can't imagine her dropping the nap before now.

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    It could be a phase. DS1 is almost 5 and needs a nap. He went through a phase of 4-5 months when he dropped it but then resumed it.
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    ds stopped nappingshortly after his second birthday. now if he naps i think he is sick or something. unless we are in the car... then he will take a 5 minute snoozer

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    Very kid specific. My oldest dropped naps completely at 30 months, my youngest is a little older than that and he still needs to nap every day.
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    JoJo stopped napping at 2 1/2. Nothing I tried worked - quiet time, listening to music, lying down with me, nothing. Some kids just don't need to nap anymore. I am still sad that I don't get the break in the middle of the day that I need.

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    My 4 year old dropped naps around 2. If he would nap then he would not go to bed at night. My DD is 13 months and still naps luckily!

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    Thanks all! I am sort of ambivalent about whether he naps. We have a pretty solid 7 pm bedtime around here, so if napping keeps him up until 9:00 pm, I will probably help him transition to catnaps or no nap at all. I am surprised though, I thought Sadie was on the older side when she dropped her naps at 3ish. Kids are so different!

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    DD1 is at the point where she does not need a nap every day anymore. I watch her behavior and decide if I think she needs it. If she does nap, she goes to bed at 9:30. If she doesn't, she goes to bed at 8:00.

    Two seems really young to me, but I only have my DD to compare to. I agree with the PP's who said it might be a phase. I would keep doing at least quiet time, so if he does need the sleep he has an opportunity to get it, and if he doesn't it is still good for him to have some restful down time during the day.

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    My DD was for sure done with naps before age three. She now naps maybe twice a month and only after a few late nights in a row or due to illness. She went from napping three hours to not anything overnight. She still has at least one hour quiet time each day where she can read quietly in her bed (some days go well with this and some do not). If she does fall asleep during quiet time then she will have trouble going to sleep that night.
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    One of my guys didn't nap most of last summer, now he's asleep a solid 2 hours. His brother is napping 50% of the time but bedtime is an issue on days he naps. I don't want bedtime past 8pm. I figure if he falls asleep during rest time, he needs the sleep but I don't look forward to the evening routine.
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    My DD stopped napping as soon as she turned 2. Since then she only naps if she's sick or wakes up before 6am (bedtime is 10pm or later).

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    DD1 would still nap at 5 1/2 if she weren't in full day Kindergarten. She actually will take a quick nap on the weekends sometimes. DD2 is 3 1/2 and I'm having this debate myself. She needs the rest, but when she does nap it takes her over an hour to fall asleep at night. I think she should start the transition, but I'm so hesitant to give up that down time in the afternoon. She is not the type of child that does well with staying in her room for rest time.
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    Hello there friend! We stopped Megan's about 4 months ago on week days. Then usually one weekend day she will do one.

    She won't go to bed till 10pm(and she has to get up around 5:45am) if she takes one.

    It was a rough first month or so and now she's great

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    My oldest DS (5 in May) still sometimes naps. He's in full day JK -- so doesn't nap at school (but will often fall asleep on the bus ride home) and will be exhausted and miserable by dinnertime (gets progressively worse as the week goes on)... but will often still catch a short nap on the weekends.

    My youngest DS (2) still has a good 2 hr nap most days.

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    Both my kids 5.5 and 2.5 still nap once. I have to push the older one to have one, which he reluctantly agrees to and does anyway.
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