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    Default mini cribs

    Feedback from those of you that have used them? Also, where do you find cute bedding sets?

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    We used one with our cute bedding sets, just some sheets my MIL made for it. Both girls did not like ours, so we won't be using it for this baby. Hopefully yours will work out well for your LO!

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    We currently use one! I can't remember the name of it though :/ Can't say we found cute bedding either, but I know on you can find some really cute custom stuff! It's not that expensive either. And for us it was great having a mini crib. I could move her crib around the house and not have to take it apart. Moving her to her own room was a breeze (instead of taking it apart then reassembling). Not that big a deal, but when you live alone most of the time (DH travels for work), it made it that much easier!
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    When we used the mini co-sleeper I just got a couple of king sized pillow cases to use as the sheet. Just slid the mattress right into the sheet and tucked any excess below.

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    My mom had one for when the grandkids would come over for naps, or sleepovers. Her's work great for those, and Babies r us had tons of cute bedding sets. Most of them were just smaller version of the normal crib set they sell.

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