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    We had garage sale yesterday. I had two bins of toys out. A family came in, two women, five kids. The youngest was 18-24 months old girl, then 3 boys about 3-5 years old and a girl about 8 yo. The boys were kind of wild, they picked most of the toys out of the bins and threw them on the ground. Given, my kids had several toys on the ground already because they were playing with them. The women never said anything to the boys while they were throwing stuff around, just left it where it landed. So I have to admit I was already a tad irritated by this. I would never let my kids behave like that - I am not saying they would not do it, but I would certainly correct the behavior and pick up / make them pickup. .......... They ended up picking several toys that added up to $2.50 but as they were walking back to the car, the little girl was carrying a baby doll they did not pay for. The doll was new, never played with but not in a box and I know MIL paid $15 for it. I asked the mother if they were buying the doll as well. She asked how much, I said $1. She set the doll on a table and went to the car. ......... The little girl was upset.She came back and asked if I would take 50 cents. I said yes. After she handed me the money, she said "my baby is crying, see what you did?" .......... I was really taken aback by what she said. I realize this is a garage sale and we are trying to get rid of stuff but I do not like the fact that someone would let their kid walk away with something they did not pay for. I felt I was right to ask for a payment. Why would anyone think it's okay to just pick something up and walk away? Is this normal?
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