We live in Hawaii, and we're getting ready to fly home to Massachusetts in a couple of weeks with DS for the first time. He's going to be sitting on our laps the whole time, but we'll still need to bring his carseat. We have an infant carseat/carrier that we'll be bringing. I know not to check the carseat with the luggage, but we'll have to gate check it since it can't come on the plane. I plan on asking if there's any empty seats, but in our experience they always overbook every single flight on and off of the island, so we're lucky to even get two seats next to each other. Its going to be about 12 hours of flying time, plus an hour layover in the middle and I'm planning on wearing DS in the Ergo while in the airports. So, all that to ask what should I do, or can I do to protect the carseat while it's under the plane? I'm afraid its going to get filthy under there. I've seen nylon bags online to put them in, but all the reviews say they just rip, so its worthless. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!