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Thread: Am I really Pregnant?

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    I am about 8 days late for my period. I've had cramps all week that made me think that I was going to start my period just a day or two late. My period hasnt come yet, and I am still getting cramps like feel like my normal period cramps. I took a pregnancy test today and it said I was pregnant. I have heard though that sometimes when you feel these cramps you will still have a period and the pregnancy just didnt take. Am I really pregnant or am I just getting a positive result because I was pregnant, but it didnt take?


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    I've had three early miscarriages. In 2/3 the line was so light it was hard to see, and the third time it was a little darker but still on the lighter side. So long as it is dark enough to be detected by a home pregnancy test, you are pregnant. The usual sensitivity of a urine test is an HCG level of 50 or higher, and a blood test of over 5 HCG is pregnant (5 to 20 is pregnant but high risk of miscarriage). Early losses are common and there is no guarantee any pregnancy will stick, but a positive is a positive. When you miscarry, the levels will drop and you will get a negative test.
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    You are currently pregnant! Only time will tell if you will stay pregnant or not. Feel free to call your doctor and see when they would like you to come in for your first appointment.
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    Yes, you are pregnant! Congrats! Some cramping is normal in early pregnancy, so I wouldn't worry too much. Regardless, its time to call your doctor and set up an appointment!

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    Some cramping early on is normal -- it's not indicative of miscarriage. If you start to bleed or if the cramping's really painful, call your doc.

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