Yesterday, my DH called me at 5:10 PM wanting to know our dinner plans because his mom had called him and invited us to Red Lobster for dinner. They were in the process of getting ready to leave. I was cutting up red pepper to put in the spaghetti sauce that was already on the stove cooking. I was dressed in my lounge wear and it was raining outside. So I told him I was already cooking. I know he was hurt. Should I have made more of an effort to totally change plans and get me and DD ready to leave right then. Oh, DD had not had a nap so you know how she was.

Background info...we have a very structured schedule so I am always cooking at 5:00 and everyone in my circle knows this. My MIL doesn't make contact often so my DH would like the heavens to move to accommodate her.

What would you have done?