On Thursday, DS1 (4 years old) fell and skinned both knees on a concrete sidewalk. It was freezing out, so we rushed in to the library before I checked him out. Pants were not ripped, so I thought he was fine. We were going to a music program, and by the time we go there, it started, and DS completely forgot about falling (and so did I).

On the way home, he looked at his knees and cried the whole way because he was so upset. I put bandaids on as soon as we got home and explained that the bandaids will help him feel better, etc. He would not stop talking about his cuts. He gets really upset over them. He does not want to look at them (even covered with the bandaid). When he sits on the potty, I have to help him so that his pants don't go below his knees. Yesterday, he tried it on his own, and one of his bandaids fell off. He had a complete melt-down. I was nursing my other son, so it took me a couple minutes to get to him, and by the time I did, he was drenched with sweat. Now, every time he moves his pants, I have to make sure the bandaids are on.

When we took a bath on Thursday night, I took the bandaids off, and he closed and eyes, looked up at the ceiling, and cried/screamed then entire bath (which was only a minute..just time for me to scrub him down real fast). His body was starting to get red splotches just from getting so worked up.

Today, he slipped and fell on his bottom (like kids do all the time and just get up) but he cried like he was really getting seriously hurt. He asked if he got a cut.

I don't know what to do. I try to assure him that everyone gets cuts and scrapes, and that it usually only hurts when you first get it, but then it just takes time to get better. But now he is so afraid of getting hurt, and I don't want him to fear trying things because he might get hurt. He has always been very cautious, and just recently started being more adventurous. I would like to be able to encourage him to take risks. Any tips or advice?