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    As some of you have seen on Facebook, Eve was hospitalized with a bacterial infection somewhere in her body. She has had a high fever since early Thursday morning that would come down with fever reducers, but come back up when it wore off. Aside from the fever and irritability, she has no other symptoms. Lab work was done and her white blood cell count was 27,000 and her CRP (C Reactive Protein) was 13 (range is 0.0-09). CRP indicates level of infection or something. We had to do a spinal tap and the fluid appears clear thankfully. Meningitis had been mentioned by the doctor previously. We won't know what she has until something grows on the culture- which takes up to 48 hours which is at least how long we are here for. She is getting two IV antibiotics as well. I have never had a child hospitalized before and certainly wasn't expecting to end up here. I was thinking ear infection when I took her to the doctor yesterday. Any one ever have experience with any of this? Thoughts and prayers appreciated of course.

    Update 10:52a: Doctor was just in. Her white count is down to 20,000 and CRP down to 11 which is improvement. Nothing showing on the blood, urine, or spinal at this point. Just waiting to see if something grows. Here at least 48 hours and as long as she is still spiking high fevers we have to stay here.

    Update 2/24: We are in here until tomorrow morning since she was spiking a fever yesterday afternoon and had a low grade one again last night. Doing much better though. WBC is now in the normal range, CRP is down to 7 (still high since 0.2 is the high end of the range), and all cultures still negative. Urine 100% negative for sure, and spinal and blood they do for 5 days, but we don't have to stay 5 days. If it stays negative, we will just not have a diagnosis for sure. Which I hate not knowing, but I'd rather have the unknown and her better
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