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Thread: Tmi-BFing and EWCM

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    Hey mods, I'm not sure if this is the right place, so please move if need be. Just looking for the most traffic

    I've been BFing DD2 for 9 months and still (thank goodness) don't have AF. However, for the past five days or so I've had a LOT of EWCM, with yesterday and today being the most. It's a lot. Did any of you remember your first cycle while BFing? I'm wondering if I'm o'ing. I haven't temped or anything.
    Sorry tmi, but BFing always made me dry. Here and there I'd have CM, but not like this. I prayed for this kind of CM when we were TTCing DD2
    Does anyone know what it could be? It's not an infection, not anything like that. It's just a LOT of EWCM. Ideas?
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    I would assume ovulation. If you dont get your period in a couple weeks it wasn't, lol.

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