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Thread: You know you're STC-A when...

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    Default You know you're STC-A when...

    Your almost 3 year old tells you "When I get bigger, maybe I'll go to the doctor and they can help me make a baby, too!"

    And I know this is the STC forum, but since there's no more STC-A, I hope this is ok. If not, will a mod please delete it for me? I just didn't know where else to share, and wanted someone to laugh and cry with!

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    It's fine (spoken both as a mod and an STCer). We really wanted to merge the two groups, not eliminate STC-A.

    And oh, my...
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    Aww, bless. That's so sweet and sad at the same time!

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    That made me laugh out loud. praying all our children never have to go through what we have.
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    Aww my son told me the other day I need to quit trying to lose weight because then I'll never have a baby in my belly. We were listening to the radio and they were talking about a skinny girl having problems getting pregnant. he figured that to mean you need to be fat to get pregnant-because pregnant girls are fat. If only it were that easy!
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