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    Has anyone heard of ear seeds or used them? I'm using a new acupuncturist before our transfer on Friday. She was recommended by my RE and is much closer than my regular guy. She mentioned using ear seeds and I've never heard of that before. Anyone have any thoughts? She's also giving me a special diet and is going to see me on Monday for special implantation acupuncture. This is so different from my regular guy. I'm curious.
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    Didn't want to read nd not respond. Nope, never heard of them! Interesting though. Good luck .

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    Awww, thanks. Yes, she placed these little seeds in my ears and on variousness of my body. Crazy, but trusting they are working their magic.
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    Before my transfer my acupuncturist stuck tiny needles in my ears that she somehow taped into my ears and I think they are similar to the seeds...anyway, I truly believe the acupuncture helped my achieve my pregnancy through IVF and I am now holding my 7 week old little boy!! I really am praying that all the stars and moons are aligned for you HighHopesMama and that in a few days you will have wonderful news!!

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    Thank you so much! I'm praying for the same thing. I've never had needles or seeds in my ears for acupuncture and I had both this time. My regular guy has a minimal needle approach, so this new acupuncturist that me RE recommended was different. I'm surprisingly still sporting most of the seeds. So I'm hoping they are helping. Congratulations on your little miracle! What wonderful news. Wishing you and yournfamilynpeace and happiness!
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