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Thread: Anyone done a waterbirth?

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    Default Anyone done a waterbirth?

    I'm thinking of doing a waterbirth with my last son due in April. My doctor is suggesting it, I've never had the option before because I delivered my other 2 boys at hospitals that didn't offer the opportunity.

    If you have any books, websites, pros cons you could offer it'd be great.

    My other two births were non medicated, and with my last baby I labored in a tub but was made to get out to deliver because it wasn't a birth tub just a jacuzzi tub. It was amazing how well it helped with the pain control and relaxation.

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    I love the idea of a water birth ive seen so many positive videos and such but when i get in the moment im just going to go with how i feel , who knows i might not want to be in the water at all. Im planning on going in whatever direction my body takes me.

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    Ohh...I have exactly the same question! Sounds like my situation is exactly the same as yours, so I am interested to read any responses.

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    My 2nd baby was born at home in the water! It was awesome!
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    No I hadn't the option when i was pregnant. But my good friend just did a water birth and after hearing her experience I really wish I would have! Definitely do some research to see if it would be a good fit for you

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    I haven't done it - but will have a birth tub here at the apartment for this baby. I am not sure if I will deliver in the water or not, but I bet I will like it for labor at least.

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